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FAQs - Subscription Sales

Shipping -----

----Flat Rate Shipping Fee for all Subscription Sales is $5.95. 

Shipping Schedule -----

Order By: 12th

Ships On: 15th

Renews On: 1st


---The time frame for order processing is based on a schedule:

  • Order Processing by the 12th Day to Receive That Month's Box

All Subscription Sales for the current subscription month MUST be purchased on or before the 12th Day to receive that month's subscription. If purchased on the 13th Day of the subscription month, the order delivery will be fulfilled for the following subscription mailing month.

----The time frame for order delivery is based on a schedule:

  •  Subscription Mailing Dates is on the 15th Day***

          ***unless the 15th falls on a Sunday or a Holiday, the delivery will be sent the following business day***


Recurring Payment ----

----We accept PayPal and Every Major Credit Card, including Apple Pay!

  • Monthly Recurring Subscription Sale Payments will be renewed on the 1st Day of the month.

Cancellation ----

----We are pleased to offer our customers a worry free cancelation policy on our subscription sales. Canceling a subscription MUST be done within 3 days to the order being renewed and billed.


Refunds ----

---- Subscription sales are final. Refunds are not granted, however should items be missing or broken upon receiving the subscription, reach out to our customer service department at


Shipping Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service can be

found at the bottom of our page. Check them out.